PT. INTI PRATAMA MULYASANTIKA is the parent company of all companies incorporated under the Intipratama Group. We provide services throughout Freight Forwarding activities, including INTI PRATAMA MULYASANTIKA (International Freight Forwarding Services & Customs Brokerage)

1. Customs Brokerage: Importation & re-exportation of drill ships, supply vessels, aircraft, oil & gas operational goods, mining equipment, and many other goods for projects.

2. Charter Ships and Aircraft

3. Medical Evacuation and Executive Charter Flight in Kalimantan Area On request basis for all domestic and International flights Aircraft Type: Super KingAir B 200 and Hawker Beechjet 400XP INTI PRATAMA GROUP Representative of AERO SPEED ASIA PTE LTD (ASA)

4. Packing Re-packing, Trucking, Door to door service, ETC


Arief Hidayat : arief.hidayat@intipratama.co.id (+62 811 5989 842)

Bella : marketing@intipratama.co.id (+62 811-5989-941)

Kezia : marketing@intipratama.co.id (+62 811-5451-911)
Rifat : rifat@intipratama.co.id (+62 0811 544 741)


Our services and facility

Intipratama Global Services
A Supply Base with a private wharf as a place for crew change and access to the ports around the bay of Balikpapan base.

Intipratama Global Teknik
Container modification - Steel fabrication - sandblasting - painting - civil construction are the main activities.

Intipratama Bandar Kariangau
Serve loading & unloading for 24 hours.

Intipratama Global Mandiri
This Company provide services as General Supplier and Distributor for Medical Instrument, Drilling Tools, Office Tools, General Services, Mechanical / Electrical Support Tools, Professional Maintenance Office Interior and Disinfectant Project (Pest Control, Fumigation)

Gas Station (PT.KUS MARINDI)
(SPBU Gn.Malang No.64.761.02)


Customs Brokerage | Freight Forwarding | Supply Base | Container Modification

Customs Brokerage
Need to clear customs fast? Our experienced technical experts can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with our customs-clearance network. How? By taking advantage of the latest Customs release initiatives and reviewing your goods to make sure they comply with product-specific regulations.

Freight Forwarding
With our global network of freight and shipping professionals, we can safely deliver your goods across any border anywhere in the world.

Supply Base
To meet the increasing demand in the Oil/Gas, Mining and Forestry Sectors in Kalimantan, PT. Intipratama Global Service (IGS) have commenced construction of a supply base on approximately 10 hectares of land, located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The site is situated on the Kariangau Harbor with direct access to Balikpapan Bay and the Makassar Straits.

Container Modification
Intipratama Global Teknik specializes in providing a range of container modification varied products to serve needs of our clients. Our modifications combine innovative solutions with excellent quality workmanship. Options include the addition of doors, windows, vents, insulation, electrical, lock boxes, and shelving brackets.


Some of the Intipratama projects ever handled
Facility Trakindo Banjarmasin

Facility Trakindo Banjarmasin

Loading dan Unloading Caustic soda

Loading dan Unloading Caustic soda

Project Bondy Raya

Project Bondy Raya

Project Fabricated fuel tangki PT Berau coal

Project Fabricated fuel tangki PT Berau coal

Rental 2x20 ft chiler Container PT Adaro

Rental 2x20 ft chiler Container PT Adaro

Trakindo Somber Facility

Trakindo Somber Facility


Testimonials from Intipratama clients


Client and Partners who have collaborated with Intipratama Group
Mercedes Benz
Shelf Drilling
Email : marketing@intipratama.co.id | marketing.igt@intipratama.co.id | marketing.igm@intipratama.co.id


Frequently asked questions on Intipratama Group
  • What field does Intipratama do
    Many, starting from downstream to upstream, the coverage area, including: 1.International Freight Forwarding 2.Clearance Document Import ,Export & Domestic 3.Supply Base 4.Warehousing 5.Private Wharf 6.Modular System 7.Portacamp 8.Fabrication Painting 9.Civil 10.Sandblasting 11.Stevedoring 12.General Supplier 13.Depo Container 14.Gas Station No.64.761.02
  • Can we contact your marketing every time and during the work process?
    Yes, please contact our Marketing, each according to the company division. Here are our marketing contacts who can be contacted.: 1.Marketing Intipratama Mulyasantika Viny Yavarina : +62 811-5989-942 Bagus Affrian : +62 811-5989-941 Ifvhan : +62 812-6761-009 2.Marketing Intipratama Global Teknik Felicia Dondokambey : +62 852-4008-7706 Jane Fransisca : +62 811-5453-499 3.Marketing Intipratama Global Mandiri Ely Julianti : +62 811-5380-100 Aji : +62 857-0542-7767


News Updates from Intipratama Activities
Ceremony unit platform phkt PT.BUKAKA di lokasi Jetty PT.Intipratama Global Services
09 Jan 2022 , My Coding, Ekonomi
Telah di lakukan Peresmian unit platform phkt  PT.BUKAKA di lokasi…


marketing@intipratama.co.id | marketing.igt@intipratama.co.id | marketing.igm@intipratama.co.id

Head Office :

Jl.Mayjend.Sutoyo 42/47 Complex SPBU Gn.Malang

Balikpapan-76113 East Kalimantan-Indonesia

Phone : 62-542 427575 | Fax : 62-542 427574

Jakarta Branch :

Wisma Tendean 3 Floor Jl. Kapt. P.Tendean No.7

Jakarta Selatan-12720 Indonesia

Phone : 62-21 7996147 | Fax : 62-21 7996149

Surabaya Branch :

Jl.Tanjung Layar No.4 A

Surabaya-60177 East Java - Indonesia

Phone : 62-31 3532751 | Fax : 62-31 3537356

Supply Base :

Jl.Sultan Hasanudin RT.01

Kariangau-Balikpapan East Kalimantan Indonesia

Phone : 62-542 7863020 | Fax : 62-542 7863015